We RIDE, We Assist, We Educate, We Inform

Whether out on the Trails or covering an Event, the Wisconsin National Mountain Bike Patrol is there to Help. WI-NMBP Patrollers are Volunteers who love to Ride the Trails and are prepared to assist in any situation. It may be someone lost, or someone needing directions, or it might be simply answering questions about the Trails or the area. Patrollers are trained in Emergency Bike Repair to help Riders safely get back to the Trail-Head, and are also trained for Medical Emergencies, and can give the care needed, or assist other EMS units getting into the ‘back-country’ and help with evacuations.

The Wisconsin National Mountain Bike Patrol is requested to Patrol at many Events. Mountain Bike Races are the primary request, but we also Patrol for Cyclocross Races, Triathlons and even Marathons. Patrollers on bikes can get to areas and situations faster and easier than most other EMS, and are therefore in high demand. Events Patrolling is a Lot of Fun!

At most Events, the Wisconsin NMBP also supplies a Medical Tent, where Patrollers can give extra Care to injured participants. Patrollers are Very Much Appreciated by the Racers and race supporters alike.



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